How to Make a Carport More Attractive Even When on a Budget

A carport can be a very affordable alternative to a garage, and a good choice when you have limited space next to your home for such a structure. However, it can look a little drab and dull and even downright industrial, depending on the style you choose, and this might make your entire exterior space seem rundown. Some homeowners opt to use the carport as an outdoor seating area, which makes its appearance even more important. Whatever your reasons for wanting to spruce up your home's carport, you don't need to break the budget to do so; note a few simple and affordable tips.

Plant tall hedges

The columns of a carport and its open walls can make the space seem boring, and you certainly don't have privacy from your neighbours when you use the spot for outdoor relaxing. To make the area seem cosier and to add some privacy, plant tall hedges around the exposed sides. Myrtle hedges grow in a thick square that is easy to trim and which offers lots of privacy, or you might choose evergreen bushes for something very tall and which hides an entire column of the carport.

Create walls

If the carport is metal, look around for a metal fabricating shop that sells reclaimed metal and which can cut the pieces for you, so they match the design of the roof. This is usually a very affordable job, and then you simply screw these walls into the carport columns. If the carport is wood, you can purchase wood slats at any lumberyard and nail them to the columns, then paint them to match the roof. Now you have a wall for hanging hooks that can be used to display outdoor art or to hold planters, making the space much more inviting.

Create a space for vines

Another very affordable way to add some greenery and privacy is to provide a place for vines to climb around the carport sides. To create vertical lines, use small hooks you can push into the dirt and then run some very durable pieces of string or fishing line vertically, from the ground to the roof of the carport, screwing them into place. For horizontal lines, screw pieces of string or fishing line from one column to the another. Next, plant a crawling vine at the base of the carport, letting it curl around the lines. It will soon grow and surround the lines completely, creating a green wall that is very inviting and which adds some privacy. Opt for something flowering such as morning glories or grapevines, for a few added pops of colour.