Improving Pop-Up Store Sales through Specific Shopfitting: 3 Window Dressing Features and Considerations that Make a Difference

Do you own a retail business that sells a specific type of product? You could potentially expand your consumer base and draw more attention to your business by opening up a pop-up store, as temporary retail is on track to generate over $80 billion annually. With only a short window to promote your product, having proper shopfitting work done is key. In particular, you should focus on window dressing features. Here are three tips that can make a world of difference.

Having a Color Theme Enhanced by Appropriate Lighting

When relying on temporary retail, you don't have a lot of time to draw attention to your product. Now is not the time to experiment with how different products should be grouped together. It's best to go with what usually works, and that includes having a color theme for the window dressing. Group similarly colored and shaped products together to enhance overall aesthetics. Also, make sure that there are focal lights that shine down on the products.

Using Display Signs to Draw Attention

You can get a message through to your consumers easily with display signs. Display signs not only tell your potential consumers what they need to know about your business, but they also include vital information as to how your product reigns supreme over competitors in the same field. The display signs can provide further information as to how long certain products are available or even how long the pop-up shop will be around for and where consumers can find you afterwards.

Using Different Heights and Display Stands to Your Advantage

Most shoppers are drawn to products that are placed at eye level. These products are difficult to ignore. With this in mind, it's a good idea to use shopfitting services that will equip your window displays with stands of various heights targeted to reach different age groups. For example, products designed for young kids should be placed on lowered stands whereas products intended for adults should be elevated.


Proper shopfitting can make a huge difference to the type of presence that your pop-up store will make. In addition to designing a suitable window display and dressing, the shopfitters will also consider the layout of your store and what's best for customer movement, the type of lighting to use, the amount of open space needed, where various products should be placed and located in the store and more.