Key points to ponder when shopping for tank containers

When you wish to transport liquids in bulk, whether locally or internationally, you need a vessel that will guarantee the safety and integrity of your cargo. Tank containers are the vessel of choice in the transportation of bulk liquids of different categories. In case you are looking to hire or buy one, consider a company whose tanks have the following features


There are international standards on the manufacture of tank containers. If a tank is compliant to these standards, it is safe and you can transport your cargo with confidence. Tanks will usually have some label to show to which standards they were fabricated. Also, companies that deal with tank containers will tell you if the tanks are compliant with standards.

Variety and capacity

In case you need to transport food or chemicals, the tanks for these types of cargo differ. There are different classes for chemicals as well and there are specific tanks for each class. You need to find a company that has tanks of different capacities because the volumes you are moving will determine the capacity of the tank container you need


Some tank containers come with additional features that make them easier to load and unload. If you want a tank container that is easy to load and unload, consider if it has a steel shell, which makes it easy for cranes to lift.

Loading and unloading

Some tanks have a bottom and top discharge while some have only top discharge. This is for convenience, although some cargo can only be loaded and unloaded in specific ways.

Special features

Some cargo needs specialized tank containers. This is especially true for some hazardous chemicals. They can get unstable at a certain temperature and the tanks are made with insulation. Some chemicals can also corrode the tanks, so you could be in the market for tanks that have a lined interior.

Important points to note

Other than the features of tanks on offer, you can look out for other services you might need like:

Transport and Storage

It helps a lot if the company provides storage in case you need the cargo stored for a period of time. Usually, a company that provides transportation will have storage facilities as well. It helps you if one company handles all the aspects of transport and storage for you.


Tank containers often require specialized cleaning because of hazardous chemicals and food that they are used to transport. Your supplier will offer it or direct you to someone who does.