Questions to Consider Before Hiring a Worker Lift

Working at heights is safer and simpler when you have a lift. It's more stable than a ladder in the wind, and the platform is easier to move around on. However, there are some key points you should consider before hiring a lift.

Do You Need a Slab or Rough Terrain Lift?

There are two main categories of manlifts. They are slab and rough terrain. If you are working indoors, you need a slab lift. It's electric so you don't need to worry about fumes, and the non-marking tyres promise not to scuff up your floors. A rough terrain lift, as suggested by its name, works on rough terrain outside. These lifts also tend to be diesel powered so you can't use them safely indoors.

Do You Want a Boom Lift?

A boom lift is a special type of lift with two different designs options. You can opt for telescopic or articulating. Telescoping lifts basically just go up and down. However, there is a joint at the base that lets you angle the lift.

Articulating lifts are similar to telescoping lifts, but they have moveable joints at every segment. As a result, they can move in multiple directions. They are a great choice if you need to park the base of the lift in one spot and then navigate around various obstacles.

Do You Want Another Lift Design? The boom lift is a popular option, but it isn't the only option. There are also scissor lifts. These are ideal if you have the ability to park the lift right below where you need to work. Then, the lift just goes straight up. Additionally, they have a large platform which is ideal for multiple workers. There are also vertical personal lifts. These are similar to scissor lift, but they tend to only hold a single worker with a few supplies. Finally, a spider lift is basically like a small articulating boom lift.

Do You Want a Trailer-Mounted Lift?

Lifts can come on their own with a base that has wheels that move around, or they can be trailer mounted. If you own a trailer and you can find an equipment hire place with trailer-mounted lifts, it may be less expensive to just put that on your trailer.

However, if you don't have a trailer or if you need a lift that can get into spots where your trailer can't fit, you may want to stay away from trailer mounted lifts.

To learn more or to get additional ideas on the right manlift for your next project, contact an equipment hire company directly.