When Your Commercial Facility Needs a Fresh Coat of Paint

If you own or manage any type of business, you may put off having the property repainted, simply to avoid the cost. However, it's highly recommended that you consider having your facility repainted as soon as this work is needed, for a variety of reasons. Note a few of those reasons here so you know when to call a commercial painter to your business.

Lines are not visible

Parking and driving lanes, lanes for pedestrian traffic, safety barriers, and other such items need to stand out in order to protect visitors, delivery persons, your workers, and customers. Lines painted on exterior areas of your property can easily fade when exposed to harsh sunlight and weather conditions, which can cause a hazard for pedestrians and drivers. 

Safety barriers and other such items around your property need to be easily seen by everyone, to orevent the risk of someone walking into a dangerous area of your property, falling over a ledge, and the like. To ensure everyone's safety, have these areas repainted as soon as you notice any lines, safety markings, and paint colours that are starting to fade.

Paint is flaking

Children might be prone to pulling at flaking paint and putting these flakes in their mouth. If your business sells children's items, is a family restaurant, or otherwise sees children on the property for any reason, consider this safety risk and have areas of flaking paint repainted when needed. 

Even if your business never has children on the property, note that paint usually adds a protective coating over pipes, railings, and even a building's interior and exterior walls. Once that paint begins to flake away, building materials might be more prone to absorbing moisture and humidity or otherwise suffering damage. Have that paint removed and replaced with a fresh coat to ensure your entire building is in good repair.

You're missing out on foot traffic

If your business relies on foot traffic for customers or clients, and you haven't been getting as many visitors as you expect or need, you might rethink your building's exterior paint colours. If your building blends in with other businesses, your potential customers and clients might easily walk right by it! 

Also, if your building's exterior colour scheme is very similar to a well-known fast food franchise, retail store, or other business, your potential customers may glance at your building, assume it's some other business, and keep walking! Consider having your building repainted so that it's unique and noticeable and can be easily found by your potential customers and clients.

Keep these tips in mind and contact a commercial painter to come repaint your property as needed.