Three Ways to Take Your Built-in Wardrobes to the Next Level

Everyone dreams of having a dressing room for their bedroom clothes, shoes and accessories storage. However, if you do not have enough room for the dressing room, you can still work with the available bedroom space and create quality and bespoke bedroom storage. People shy away from built-in wardrobes because most are more functional than they are appealing to the eyes. However, floor-to-ceiling built-in wardrobes ensure all bedroom space gets some use. Fitted wardrobes make it possible to create storage out of the tightest corners in the house. When built-in wardrobes are well-designed, they de-clutter the bedroom and create an elegant look that regular wardrobes rarely achieve. Here are three design tips to make ideal built-in wardrobes for your bedroom:

Blending with the Rest of the Room

The first thing you should consider when creating built-in wardrobes is how well they blend with the rest of your bedroom decor. You can paint them with similar or complementary colours to the wall paint, or cover them with the same wallpaper. Another viable option is to upholster them to match the bedding, curtains and other aspects of the bedroom decor. You can also accentuate the surface of the wardrobes with quality plasterwork and wood panels for extra elegance.

Hiding the Handles

Handles are important to all storage facilities. However, sometimes the handles interrupt the flow and style of the wardrobe design, making it less interesting. It is possible to have hands-free in-built wardrobe designs for your bedroom. Great remodelling contractors also know how to use floral patterns and other crafts to hide wardrobe door handles. The floral carvings are paired with inset handles to make a creative wardrobe design.

Adding a Built-in Dressing Table

Lack of a dressing room is a challenge because you will have to create additional space for a dressing table in the bedroom. However, if you are keen on saving space, you can have the dressing table incorporated inside the built-in wardrobe. The contractor will compartment the wardrobe into storage spaces on the sides and a dressing area in the middle.

There are endless options when it comes to creating the perfect dressing room to suit your needs. The essential thing to remember is to have a competent contractor to consult about the design and style that can fit the space you have available. As long as you are working with a competent contractor, you will turn your dream wardrobe designs into reality.