Consider These Factors When Purchasing Grates

Grates are important additions to the drains in your residential or commercial property because they help drain fluids in your bathroom, kitchen, swimming pool area, laundry area, driveway, etc. A grate comprises an insert and a lid that covers both the mouth of the drain and the insert. The lid should be removable to help you inspect the drain and easily unclog and clean it. The following include factors that you should consider when purchasing grates:

Standard Versus Custom Grates

Most drains are of a standard size, especially those found in your shower, kitchen or laundry area. They might mostly be round or square and contractors usually use a standard measurement when installing them. These are what are referred to as standard grates.

Sometimes you might have unique showers, kitchens or laundry areas that need uniquely designed grates. Other areas like your driveway or storm drain might have unique designs, meaning you might require custom grates.

Note that when in the market for custom grates, you should check whether the company you want to buy grates from offers customised grates. Some companies might only sell standard-sized grates.

Material Composition

Based on the properties of the fluid running down or into your drain, you have the option of choosing between stainless steel, hardened plastic, aluminium, etc. Stainless steel is the most common because it can handle almost all kinds of fluids. It is corrosion-, rust-, moisture-, heat- and chemical-resistant.

Design, Functionality and Aesthetics of the Grates

The design of grates goes hand-in-hand with their functionality, meaning that the design is dependent on how the drain operates or is expected to operate.

Sometimes, you might have some aesthetic factors you want to apply to the grate. These have to be considered because they can affect how the grate works. You might also come across different designs for the grate lids. The most considered aspect when it comes to lids is aesthetics, followed by functionality. As much as grate lids have to look appealing, they also have to be able to drain liquids without allowing pooling.

Grate Price

The price of a particular grate depends on its size, complexity in design, material composition and aesthetics. Simple and standard sized grates might be cheaper when compared to complex and custom or unique grates.

If you need unique aesthetics, it means that you need a complex and unique design, which means more work. This can only tell you that the price of the resulting grate might be higher than a standard grate. To learn more about custom grates, consult a resource in your area.