Advantages That Water-Based Concrete Sealing Offers Over Its Solvent-Based Counterpart

Concrete, indisputably, remains a top construction material for residential projects due to the range of advantages that it offers. From unsurpassed durability to an affordable price point, if you are looking to engage in affordable residential construction, concrete will likely feature in multiple areas around the new property. Nonetheless, to prolong the lifespan of concrete, it is essential to invest in concrete sealing services.

It is at this point where some homeowners get confused as to what option will be best since they can opt for either solvent-based or water-based sealers for the various concrete surfaces. While solvent-based sealers were the predominant solution, more and more homeowners and contractors alike are gravitating towards water-based concrete sealing for several reasons. Here are two advantages that water-based concrete sealing will offer you over its solvent-based counterpart.

Water-based concrete sealing is healthier for you and the environment

If you have ever interacted with solvent-based concrete sealers before, you are likely aware that this substance as a pungent odour. Thus, before it is applied, the construction contractors will have to evacuate the space to ensure that nobody inhales this toxic fumes. Not to mention that the professionals also have to be outfitted in protective gear to ensure that they do not inhale these fumes. What you may not know is that the odour stems from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the sealer.

High amounts of VOCs are dangerous to humans since they can cause severe health problems. Moreover, they are also responsible for air pollution and subsequent environmental contamination. If you are trying to keep your residential construction project as eco-conscious as possible, it is best to opt for the water-based variety when sealing the concrete around the premises. While the water bases sealers do contain a small amount of VOCs, these levels are negligible when compared to their solvent-based counterparts.

Water-based concrete sealing is affordable for the short and long term

A misassumption that some homeowners make regarding concrete sealing is that they need to opt for solvent-based sealers if they want enhanced performance for their concrete surfaces but this is simply untrue. Advancements in the manufacture of the water-based variety have led to improvements in the performance of this sealer to the point that they are just as functional as their solvent-based equivalents.

To begin with, new-age water-based concrete sealers protect your concrete from a range of damage stemming from the accumulation of chemical deposits, exposure to moisture, exposure to UV rays and so on. Thus, the life cycle of your concrete surfaces is prolonged and this saves you concrete repair costs. In addition to this, it is much more economical to invest in water-based resealing than solvent-based and this reduces your maintenance expenses.

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