Tips for Maximising the Value of Your Home Extension

All types of extensions will almost invariably boost your home's resale value. But which type is best for you and your family? The answer is: it depends.

Different homeowners have different reasons for wanting to extend their homes, so there's no such thing as the best home extension project for everyone. Plus, budget sizes can vary greatly among homeowners, so your options may sometimes be limited to home extensions you can afford. 

If you're stuck for space in your home but don't know which kind of home extension project to take on, the following tips should help you make an informed decision.

Establish Why You Are Extending Your Home

While the need for additional space is the main reason people extend their homes, people have different motivations for carrying out home extensions. Some of the common reasons for extending a home include:

  • Making the most of outdoor space.
  • Adapting a house to the household's changing lifestyle.
  • Avoiding the hassle and cost of relocating.
  • Maximising a home's resale value.

Once you have established what you intend to achieve with your home extension, try to figure out which kind of projects will best suit your needs.

Determine Which Part of Your Home You Want to Extend

The first thing you should do before extending your home is to decide where to add more space. You can extend up, down or at ground level, depending on the availability of space.

Generally, extending at ground level is the fastest and cheapest way to create the extra space you need. Unfortunately, you may not always have enough space in your yard to accommodate an extension. In such cases, extending up or down becomes a viable option.

Consider the Aesthetic Impact of the Extension on Your Property

Like it or not, your home extension project is going to affect the appearance and beauty of the property. It's best to ensure the extension complements the architectural style of your house and doesn't detract from the general appearance of the neighbourhood.

Consider Your Budget

Ultimately, the kind of home extension you can carry out will depend on the amount of money available for the project. While the cost of extending your home is an important consideration, it shouldn't be the only factor you consider when making a final decision. Cost should be considered in combination with other important factors.

Working with an expert will help ensure you get a high ROI from your home extension project. Contact one today if you're ready to start your project.