Do You Need to Hire Some Scaffolding?

When you are involved in building maintenance, there will be many times that you can't work at ground level. Maybe, you want to paint a wall, or you might need to carry out repairs to a ceiling or even to clear out a gutter. When you work at height, you must find a safe way of reaching the desired height and working there.

Using a ladder

Perhaps, the most obvious way of gaining height is to use a ladder. A ladder can be quickly put into place, allowing you to climb to the area where you want to work. The difficulty with ladders is that you need to use your hands to climb the ladder. When you hold on to the ladder, that doesn't leave you with any free hands to carry your tools or work. Ladders can often be dangerous for workers as they rely on balance to maintain their position on the ladder, and then start leaning away from the ladder as they progress with their work further from their starting point.

Using scaffolding

Often, a far better option is to fit scaffolding. Scaffolding can provide you with a stable platform that lets you carry out your work in safety. The platform provides you with somewhere to store your tools, so you can swap between them, and move around the entire length of the area where you are working without having to stop to move the ladder. Fitting scaffolding does take time, but that time is quickly recovered as the job will progress much faster. Using scaffolding will also ensure that the job is safer and is carefully finished, as you will have easy access to exactly the area you want to work.

Choosing your scaffolding

When you speak to a scaffolding company, you will want to ask the obvious questions regarding their charges, their professional qualifications and their insurance. Also, ask them about the scaffolding they will use. It's easy to think that all scaffolding is the same, but that's false. You must check that the scaffolding you are offered will reach the desired height and will allow you to work there without inconvenience. It's no good fitting scaffolding that reaches the level but blocks your access with a bar. Checking the configuration of the scaffolding is essential.  If you have any doubts about the capabilities of a scaffolding company, seek testimonials so you can see whether they have successfully provided services to companies carrying out similar work.