4 Reasons to Use Precast Concrete Piling Over Cast-in-Place

Foundations need to rest on a firm surface, but the loose topsoil right under a property often lacks the proper strength. In such cases, piling can be used to transfer weight from the structure through the ground to the rock or stronger soil further down. Concrete remains an extremely popular material for piling, and that means you'll usually need to choose between precast or cast-in-place. Precast concrete piling arrives already made, while cast-in-place concrete piling needs to be made on the construction site.

While each option has its own benefits and drawbacks, most people find that precast concrete piling will better fit their needs. Here are just four reasons why.

1. Simplifies Construction  

Since precast concrete piling arrives ready to use, you can significantly reduce the amount of time needed for a construction job. With cast-in-place piling, you need to ensure all materials are ready to be mixed and then supervise the entire job yourself. This means having to put up with delays, use more equipment, and often hire more workers. Going with a precast option is simply more efficient.

2. Ready to Use

Even after cast-in-place piling has been created, you'll still need to wait for it to completely set, especially since fresh concrete can be affected by chemicals and other compounds in the subsoil. In contrast, precast concrete piling will have been ready to use for some time before even reaching your site. As such, it can take heavy loads immediately with no risk of failure.

3. Lower Costs

It's always worth trying to keep costs down during large construction projects, as long as you're able to do so without impacting safety. While precast and cast-in-place piling can both be extremely strong, you'll generally find that precast piling is less expensive. Precast piling can be manufactured in large numbers all at once in a facility designed for the purpose, so the cost of manufacturing is much lower. That means you'll generally enjoy significant savings by choosing precast over cast-in-place.

4. Exceptional Quality Control

Finally, it's worth keeping in mind that precast concrete piling is produced under very tightly controlled conditions to eliminate issues related to variables like humidity and temperature. It will then be subject to very high standards of quality control by highly experienced professionals who know exactly what to look for. Those conditions and standards are hard to match on a construction site, so you should find yourself enjoying superior peace of mind with precast piling. 

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