Top Benefits of Buying Planed Timber

Whether you are building a shed, a deck, or a patio on your property, wood is arguably the best material to use. Its structural strength per square meter is only second to steel, not to mention its energy-efficient attribute. Therefore, do you buy planed or unplanned timber for constructing a deck or a patio? The advantages that planed timber offers make it the perfect choice, especially for DIY projects. This article highlights the benefits of planed timber.

1. Superior Finish

Timber offers an excellent finish compared to other building materials due to the uniqueness and wood grains. Nonetheless, it's important to prepare before delivering timber with the desired level of finish. However, the quality of planning varies, especially if you implement it yourself. Buying planed wood from a store guarantees a superior finish since experts handle the work. Additionally, professionally planed timber has uniform surfaces on all sides, which offers the best base for quality staining, painting, and treatment.

2. Time-Saving

Even small DIY construction projects take time and need careful planning. For instance, if you plan to host friends and family for a wedding reception in two weeks, you need to renovate your patio within a fortnight. In such a case, you need to look for ways of fast-tracking the project. Unfortunately, planing every piece of timber will work against your timeline. On the other hand, purchasing planed wood saves you a lot of time because the wood is usually ready for use. You do not have to waste time smoothening every piece of wood, which will help you to complete restoring the patio in the shortest time possible.

3. Elevates the Uniqueness of Timber

The quality of wood finishing varies immensely, and this comes from the unique grain profile on every piece of wood. The average person does not understand the value of wood grains, especially when using wood in focal point areas, such as patios and decks. Luckily, professional timber millers understand the uniqueness of timber and thus consider planing a critical stage of the milling process. For this reason, professionally planed timber has vivid and unique grain patterns, and you can choose pieces that match your needs. For example, end grains are aesthetically appealing and unique, but smoothing them can be a problem. Nonetheless, timber manufacturers understand the best way to plane end grains without damaging the edges, giving you the desired surface aesthetics.

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