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Top 4 Tips For Domestic Scaffolding Safety

For safe access during work-at-height projects on a home, be it a new construction or repair work and refurbishment, you will need domestic scaffolding. Whether you're the homeowner or the tradesperson working on the project, domestic scaffolding safety is one thing that you must appreciate on all your projects. To guarantee safety while using scaffolding, here are a few pointers that you should keep in mind: 1.    Choose The Right Scaffolding Read More 

Four Signs Your Commercial Fridge Has a Freon Leak

Commercial and residential refrigerators need freon to run. This substance runs through pipes in the fridge, and it absorbs heat and releases cold so that your refrigeration system runs properly. The freon exists in a closed loop, and in optimal running conditions, it never needs to be topped up or replaced. Sometimes, however, leaks can occur. Freon can be toxic to inhale, and without adequate levels of freon, your refrigerator may not run properly. Read More 

Why Use Pebbles Instead of Gravel for Your Landscaping?

When you need to do some landscaping in your garden, you might want to use pebbles or gravel for decorative features, to keep back weeds or simply to create a path through your outdoor space. Plenty of people tend to think of pebbles and gravel as more or less the same thing, but there are major differences between them: Gravel is made from small fragments of crushed rock, so each piece will have an angular, irregular shape. Read More 

Why Immediate Residential Glass Repairs Are Vital To Your Home

Glass is one of the top ubiquitous building supplies in your home. From windows to doors, shower screens to sunrooms, you cannot do without glass during the construction of your house. Nonetheless, depending on the type of glass you have in your home, cracks and breakage are imminent, especially if your windows are made from annealed glass. Glass repairs, minor or severe, should be undertaken immediately you notice them, as explained below. Read More 

3 Latest Technological Developments in the Dredging Industry

According to industry experts, the global dredging market is expected to go past the US$16 billion mark by 2022. Australia's dredging segment will contribute significantly towards the industry's global growth since the country's coastline is the sixth largest in the world, and the fact that most of the nation's population growth is being witnessed around the coast.   The business outlook offers startup marine contractors an excellent opportunity for growth. However, it is critical to understand that technology is a vital component in the dredging business. Read More