Four Tips When Enhancing Interior Walls with Paintable Textured Wallpaper

Sometimes, when homeowners are doing remodeling projects (through professionals such as Prefab Technology Pty Ltd), they are often undecided on whether to paint their walls or install wallpapers. Paintable wallpapers are a preferred choice when you want to get the better of these two worlds. The popularity of the wallpaper stems from its ease of use and versatility. Furthermore, paintable wallpapers are available in different patterns and distinctive textures that can be customized to individual preferences. Read More 

Epoxy coatings are your best solution to leaky pipes

Consider the following example. A couple have lived in a house for decade, and they have just had a series of leaks in a copper pipe overhead the dining room. Obviously, insurance will pay up the damages; however, the couple are concerned about the leaks happening again fearing that the damage may be worse. So what's the best solution for repairing the problem of pipe leaks once and for all for householders? Read More